Tools & Links

Green construction practices are rapidly becoming mainstream.

Why? Because green design is good design.

When we create buildings that are healthy and efficient everyone wins: owners, builders and occupants.


Here are some useful links:

The US Green Building Council the national green building organization that created the LEED certification system.

The Center for Sustainable Building Research deals with sustainable and energy us issues in our built world. They are working to quantify the benefits of green technologies. It is linked to University of Minnesota. They worked to create the Buildings, Benchmarks and Beyond (B3) standards that are outlined in theMinnesota Sustainable Building Guidelines.

Informedesign is also a project of the University of Minnesota. They are a repository for research white papers on design issues including sustainable strategies. The site is a great place for design professionals to educate themselves when moving into unfamiliar areas. The service is valuable but there is no cost to the users. A free registration is encouraged but not required.

Politics is how we work together to get things done. If you are a Minnesotan who cares about sustainable issues this website should be in your favorite links. Fresh Energy has a perfect mix of education and politics.

Forest sustainability issues are most important. The Forest Certification Resource Center is a good site if you are looking for certified wood products or wanting to learn about forest issues.

Indoor environmental quality pivots on healthy building materials. Green Guard  and Green Seal are two of several good sites that offer leadership in finding green building products.

Our Federal Government is a tremendous resource for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy information. This Department of Energy site has a wealth of valuable information

Even businesses are getting into the act. A promotions company that you wouldn’t normally think about being green has launched a new line of has launched a new line of green marketing products. Under the name Ecolutions, BicHQ presents a variety of green products. Their Bic Clic Stic Ecolutions pen is made with 67% pre-consumer recycled material. Seeing how the Bic Clic Stic is the most popular pen in the world, this is a great step forward.

Swainhart Construction Services is powered by 100% Green Energy. WindSource supplied by Xcel Energy For a small added charge you too can help support a sustainable future.

The Urban Land Institute is a forward thinking group that looks at the bigger picture of urban planning as it relates to sustainability. Check them out if for nothing more than their incredible bookstore!  

The Bioneer’s conference is a visionary assembly of the most forward thinking members of our society. Well worth looking in to. If you can’t make it to San Francisco in October there are also satellite conferences throughout the country with the plenary sessions beamed to each location and individual workshops with local flavor.

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