Ultra Custom Ikea Galley Kitchen

Doesn’t look like an Ikea kitchen and  doesn’t feel like an Ikea kitchen.  Its not to be found in the Ikea catalog, but….  well, give up?  it’s half Ikea, and half not.

The boxes and the drawers and hardware are all from Ikea, but the doors, coverpanels, and drawer faces are all made by Scherr Cabinets www.scherrs.com/ in North Dakota.

The client wanted to use Ikea cabinets, but she didn’t want to use their door styles.  She wanted a white oak, rift cut veneer doors with a vertical grain pattern which would  flow and continue through the individual doors.  Its a classic architectural look, and very beautiful too.

I would like to claim that I figured out how to have these doors manufactured, but the client already had found the supplier.  I just had to make sure everything fit.  It would have been pretty easy too, but, of course, in order to make these cabinets fit as envisioned, we had to do a bit of customizing of the boxes.  And then there was that smart idea of the long horizontal open box above the hood.  And then—   it was a great collaboration.  A gift that kept on giving.

Corian countertops and the best deal I ever heard of in an undermount sink from some online supplier.

My client has some resourceful skills.

My client also found the pulls (handles) from Restoration Hardware.

And finally there is the radiator cover window seat, with a built in recycling drawer to complete the total design.